Professional Eye-Care And Eye Exams From Optometrist Newmarket

John O’Connor is a family operated and owned optometrist Newmarket, which was first established in the year 1978. They have over the years managed to build a positive reputation based on friendly and professional services combined with quality products. For the convenience of their customers, their Auckland optometry has practices in Henderson and Newmarket which are both open 6 days every week.

This professional optometrist Newmarket only uses high-quality HOYA lenses, which are internationally renowned. To maximise the turnaround time, these lenses are all directly sourced from a local HOYA laboratory which is based at Mt Eden.

At an affordable $65, their eye examinations are extremely comprehensive yet easy on your pocket. Eye checks include any prescription updates, along with full eye-health checks. These tests are effective in detecting eye conditions that include age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma.

This professional optometrist Newmarket use frame buyers that have experience and knowledge in this industry to select with care the ranges they offer to match up to individual fashion needs and style. Every person has a different face, which why they offer a variety of different frames. Some of the designer brands on offer include Dior, Adidas, Fendi, Lacoste, Armani, Emilio Pucci, and Hugo Boss.

The Optometrist Newmarket branch is focused on caring for children. Any child aged 15 or below are offered with a free eye examination when the parent has a valid Community Services Card.

The professional team at John O’Connor Optometrists are passionate about eye health and always strive to provide the very best services for each of their customers. Here are some of the services on offer:

1. Eye Exams

These vision specialists offer eye tests for free and treatment for all types of eye issues. They also offer special lenses to treat keratoconus along with orthokeratology treatment.

2. Eyewear

Jonh O’Connor believes that eyewear should be made affordable for any person or any age. They sell designer frames, eyeglasses, prescription lenses, and sunglasses.

3. Contact Lenses

These optometrists sell well-known international brands when it comes to contact lenses. These include Copper Vision, Ciba, Bausch & Lomb, and Johnson and Johnson.

What To Expect From A Full Eye Examination

  • A comprehensive eye history in order to determine risk factors or any concerns.
  • Prescription for contact lenses or glasses.
  • Eye co-ordination assessment to detect issues like eyestrain which is usually computer-related.
  • Eye-pressure check and glaucoma test.
  • Assessment of eye health
  • A slit-lamp evaluation which checks for red-eye, cataracts, dry eyes, eye allergies, and eye infections along with suitability for contact lenses

Once the examination is complete the optometrist will discuss results with the patient and suggest solutions for specific visual requirements. This might include contact lenses or eye-glasses.

In some cases, the patient may require further testing in order to detect retinal diseases, diabetes, or other types of eye conditions. These optometrists might also suggest further tests using equipment such as corneal topographer, retinal camera, or visual-field machines to check for diabetes, glaucoma, along with other eye conditions.